Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Getting to know me.

Hello there Ladies and Gents!
So, as I now have a grand total of 11 followers whom I love with all of my heart (especially you Mum) I think it is time I let you know a bit more about me! And how better to do that then for me to show you my top 10 fav. films of ALL time?

In order of importance from my all time greatest movie ever (in the top left).
1- 'The Boat that Rocked' How can a movie about the 60's NOT be cool?
2- 'Moulin Rouge' Ewen McGregor, you take my breath away as soon as you open your mouth to sing.
3- 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' Purely for the sweet tunes and Michael Cera (my all time awkward boy crush)
4- 'The Nightmare before Christmas' I <3 Tim Burton Films.
5- 'Pride and Prejudice' Because there is nothing quite like a period romance.
6- 'The Breakfast Club' You know why.
7- '500 Days of Summer' Joseph Gordon Levitt +Zooey Deschanel = A good time.
8- 'The Island' Ewen Mcgregor once again, but I have to say that Scarlett steals the show this time         round as possibly the most babe'n clone EVER.
9- 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Like I said - awkward boy crush.
10- 'The Holiday' For the feel good Christmas-y vibes. I always ALWAYS watch this on x-mas eve..
So yeah. Those are basically the movies that I grab when I need a pick-me-up or sometimes just a good laugh. On the subject of televison I think I would not be doing the title of this blog post any justice without letting you into a little secret...
Here goes...
Image from here

That's right people. Alert the masses. I have a Dr Who obsession. I honestly don't know what I would do without good old David Tennant and his magical blue phone box (he's my fave Dr, possibly because of how sexy he is in a suit and chucks). Call me a nerd, I honestly couldn't care less, as long as I get my daily fix of my charming Time Lord friends. Here is my key ring, which may clue you in to the seriousness of this obsession:

Please excuse the shoddy Picnik editing...
On another note (although still relating, in fact, to David Tennant's feet) these are my absolute favourite shoes that I could not, absolutely COULD NOT live without. And they are green, which can only add to how awesome they are.

They may be plain old Converse All Stars, but they are my babies.
Moving right along... another cool thing that I have is a sizeable collection of chapsticks (let's admit it - mostly lips smackers. But they taste so very nice!), these are probably the one thing that I could not survive without if I was put on a desert island or something like that. Here is some artistic photography showing the chapsticks in question:

Please ignore the blurry and grainy quality of my photographs, my Olympus baby is off being repaired for 3 weeks :O and so my wee Sony will have to do for now. Anyway, that is my chapstick collection. Cherry is probably the best, although my Grape Fanta is a very close second.. I have noticed that lately, there has been a distinct lack of food on my blog. Don't fret I am still eating, but it just seems a bit wrong that the usual cakes and biscuits and other delightful items have not been appearing. Perhaps I will bake a brownie tonight, there's nothing like brownie to make your day a little better after all! For now you will have to put up with these not quite so edible but equally delicious looking earrings:

Yum Yum!

^That's a much blonder, bustier me and my future husband (Get it? FUTURE husband? Ahahaha I am so funny....) Ok that's me done. I hope you enjoyed learning trivial facts about my boring life. Fry up for dinner - THE BEST!
Catch ya x

It's time for a little bit of classy with just a dash of sophistication...

Well, as you my faithful followers may have noticed, my blog has been undergoing some renovations over the past couple of er.... hours. Anyway, I am aiming for a cleaner more 'sophisticated' look. That makes me sound like a snob, but really I'm not. Guess What!? In the weekend I went to a Tea Party! This was to celebrate the 17th birthday of the friend I made the book for. She's so cool - check out her tumblr here.This is a pic of us and our uber Indie haircuts from a few weeks ago.. (I am the ginger on the left)

I know, I know. Gentlemen (and ladies, I'm not bothered) please line up in an orderly fashion...
Here is me at the party:

You may be thinking 'Wow what awesome friends Diva seems to hang out with!', and I would be too, because they are pretty gosh darn awesome. Hear Hear! But alas, for internet photo posting purposes I have used my horrifying photoshop skills to super impose cats over their faces, also I just wanted to super impose cats over their faces... Here is another.

^That is me at my most enthusiastic for those wondering. It doesn't get much more exciting than practically starring in a scene from 'The Secret Garden'! Because it was a birthday celebration and on birthday celebrations rude jokes can be made (actually, apart from church type scenarios, rude jokes can be made the majority of the time) I decided to do this:

This contained a giant gobstopper. Funny? Yes. Classy? Maybe not so much. 
Moving on... A few posts ago you were exposed to some of my first attempts at resin jewellery and you lucky young lads and lasses now have the pleasure of seeing some more...

I love the fact that no one else will ever be seen wearing the same necklace as me. The tiny scissors were just too adorable to sit unused in my bead box.

That is a flower brooch that my exceptionally brilliant and talented mother crocheted for me. You can check out more of her magnificent makings here. SO CUTE! 
A song that I have been addicted to lately is this one:

Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle and Sebastian. Is it actually humanly possible NOT to be addicted to Belle and Sebastian? I think not. In fact I have been so addicted to this song that I had to, just had to learn to play it on my trusty guitar. Just for kicks, here is a pic: 

Isn't she a beauty? I wouldn't say that I am particularly musical but there's nothing better than coming home after a long day of school and strumming it out like no one can hear you (which actually, they can, and often do complain about it). 
Now, as I love you all very very much I am going to try and start being a bit more committed to this blog of mine. That means less time sitting on my ass and more time getting out into the world and taking pictures and having adventures! (Do forgive me if these adventures include wafting upstairs to make some toast and the pictures are mostly of my cats, i promise I will give it a bit of a go)
That's all for today though folks. Stay in school, don't do drugs and remember to smile once in a while er... Mr Crocodile... I feel that I'm getting slightly off track.
Goodbye x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


And here is a song:

Interesting Video but EPIC sound!
Enjoy x

Blobbing about.

Good day to you all!
It has been far far too long, but as I suspected from the get go this was never to be a regular thing! Ah how I can kid myself with promises of commitment and self control... Excuses, excuses you may say to me, but in fact I have been completely weighed down by various different art assignments that may sound fun, but believe me when it is 60 billion pages of research it is not. I hate to admit it but my writing of this post is mainly due to procrastination and unwillingness to make a start on photography analysis (blah..) Although I do love you all, don't get me wrong!
Moving on.... I have been busy busy and so most of my recreational art activities have been put on hold, however last week was a good friend's birthday and I decided to make her a hand decorated diary (my speciality, some would say). 

I did decorate the pages inside, but I feel she would be a bit embarrassed as some of it is vair personal (its boys basically) - haha. I have also been doing a wee bit of painting, here is a watercolour (giving it a bit of a go - don't judge, I'm a beginner) of some roses, a bit plain but good to explore the media blah blah blah....

And here is a painting/drawing I have started (notice how none of my work ever gets finished..) for a friend, it is Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine, you may have noticed I have a bit of an obsession already.

Aside from that I haven't really been up to all that much, school and everything. However I have got some pics of what I call  'Inspiration Station', aka a corner by my bed which I have decorated in a whole bunch of random shit but that is nice to look at. 

So yeah, that's inspiration station for ya. I hope you enjoyed it. You may also notice that my header has temporarily changed to some records (the ones that hang above my bed for anyone who is remotely interested). What do you guys think of the change? Did you prefer the owl twins? I am undecided.

I will leave you with some pics of my fav. girl couple; Emily and Naomi off Skins 2nd generation.

Lily Loveless and Kathryn Prescott, why you be so cool? 
Anyway that's all for now. Have a marvelous evening and a happy new year or something...